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Linen Smock

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These beautiful dresses are made with love. We are celebrating the tradition of hand embroidery in Turkey.

By keeping the ancient tradition alive the women who lovingly embroider onto each dress are given work by the local community. They are paid a very high wage due to the nature of the handloom work involved in making the cotton linen fabric and the hand embroidered detailing on the dress.

All of this work makes this dress very special and is right at the heart of our ethically supplied ethos here at Oak Meadow kids supporting women and keeping traditions alive. These dresses are to be treasured and designed to last and handed down to loved ones.

With each wear they becomes softer and more beautiful.

This is the kind of piece your children will want to share with their children with its timeless design and heart of ancient tradition.

Samatya was one of the first places in Turkey to set up establishments for hand embroidery and this dress is an ode to keeping the tradition alive.

The Samatya dress features:

  • A beautiful hand loomed blend of linen and cotton yarn to create the perfect fabric.
  • Certified worldwide organic fabric.
  • Natural cotton that is locally grown.
  • Long sleeves with light elasticated wrist detail
  • Soft opening at the back with tie up tassel
  • Hand drawn design and hand embroidered detail 

the sizez up to age 3 are in a natural cream linen and the older sizes are in an pale oak grey linen... 

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