Mouse in the House

Merino Wool Naturally Dyed 'Gathering' Sweater in Blue

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The perfect, soft naturally dyed merino wool cardigan in Nightfall Blue by Mouse in the House.

Delicate embroidered stalks of grain inch their way up this cardigan back, awaiting harvest day. Each is made with Merino wool and naturally dyed in the earthy colors of autumn, then ethically hand-knitted by women in Nepal and hand-embroidered with Peruvian Highland wool.

These size small we recommend sizing up!

Mouse in the House is founded by a husband and wife in rural Washington State, USA, on the belief that children deserve to wear and use items that are beautiful, hard working, and created under the best circumstances possible. They deeply value the importance to seeking out high quality, sustainable, natural materials that are produced in ethical ways with respect to humans and planet.