Chasing Windmills

Merino Wool Pyjama Set Terra - Cotta

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These supersoft (seriously!) merino wool top and bottom sets can be used day or night, such a versatile set for any children's wardrobe. Either as a temperature-regulating, breathable, quick-drying base layer perfect for keeping up with your kids in the great outdoors, or a soft and cozy pyjama for a good night's sleep.

Made from a super soft, mid-weight merino wool. Your child will not want to take these off! These a made to fit snugly and we recommend taking the size your child is or close to turning

Made in the USA from New Zealand merino wool.

Take care when washing. Handwash or Wool Cycle with a specific wool washing detergent

Chasing Windmills is a family business based in the USA. Co-founders and partners Sarah and JP launched Chasing Windmills in 2015 with a simple goal: to capture the adventurous spirit of childhood through the natural goodness of merino wool. The merino wool used in their collection is naturally super soft, breathable, and lightweight -- truly an ideal fabric for little ones all year round, and especially as the seasons change.